dimanche 26 mars 2017

Savannah Rhinoceros

- Have you ever seen a blue Rhinoceros ?
It's very rare, and you have more chance to see it after few beers !
I killed mine after a lot of them. The hardest part was to shoot straight !
Humm, wasn't so hard for me ! -


Few tips for this model :
- - use +240 g/m² paper
- I put the horns on the last sheet if you want to make them in a different color.
- Start by gluing the horn and the parts near it.
- I would advise you to "pre-fold" vertices with an paperknive.
- Use a thicker paper for the biggest face, which will be against the wall. Your trophy will be more robust.

Please find hereafter the PDF with patterns for the Savanah Rhino !

2 commentaires:

  1. Hey thoses paper trophies are great! Are you planning to release some others ? Or do you have any recommandations of where I could find some other free pdf plans ?
    Thank you so much and good job !